Director, DP, Producer

Cameron Bossert worked in many production capacities throughout the whole making of John Turturro's latest film, FADING GIGOLO, including creating the main title sequence, script editing, music supervision, and 2nd unit camera work.

Cam's musical compositions have been performed by the JACK Quartet, Da Capo Chamber Ensemble, the American Symphony Orchestra, and the Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra.  He was featured in a PBS documentary for having written and directed a crazy two-act musical about the aftermath of September 11th while in high school, called "Out of Ashes."  (Fun fact: A couple of pop songs from that musical were played on Welsh radio).

Cam has prodcued the web series conceived and directed by Ace Salisbury, EVERYTHING'S OK as well as the short film directed by Arielle Apfel, A CHICK CALLED WANDA.

Cam has directed and edited almost all projects from Thirdwing LTD since its inception, including most episodes of DINNER WITH MOM, FIRST WORLD PROBLEM, 12 MONTHS OF JUNE, COUPLES, and the feature film, THE LAST 48.